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Preparing a collaboration opportunity

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Konfer supports research and innovation in the UK by helping innovative businesses and universities find each other and connect. Both businesses and universities can create collaboration opportunities to initiate dialogue to help accelerate innovation.

To ensure you receive the best response to your opportunity we’ve drawn up some tips to help you prepare an effective collaboration opportunity.

  • Make the name of your opportunity as clear as possible and avoid acronyms. Short and descriptive titles should sum up the entire opportunity.

  • Use the “aim” to state clearly what you hope to achieve with the collaboration opportunity. This helps potential partners understand the field you are engaged in, what you are seeking from them, and also supports konfer to determine associated topics and concepts.

  • Use the “description” to set out, with as much detail as you can, the nature and scope of the collaboration activity you envisage. Here you can let potential collaborations know what the problem is you are trying to solve, what you are offering, and their potential benefit in responding ie what's in it for them?

  • Add a banner and a logo to maximise the impact of your collaboration opportunity page. Get in touch if you need advice on preparing images.

  • Pick the most appropriate konfer industry sector in the drop-down box. This improves response rates and helps konfer target potential partners.

  • Make sure your start and end dates are correct - only current opportunities are displayed on konfer.

  • The location may be useful if your opportunity is tied to a specific area.

  • You should indicate the level of funding that might be available for partners working on the collaboration opportunity, either from you or third parties. It may be an indication/estimate and can help potential partners evaluate your opportunity.

Get in touch for more support on guidance by emailing:


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