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University direct data into konfer

Konfer is NCUB’s smart matching brokerage tool designed to help businesses and universities connect. konfer gives both businesses and university teams an open front door to experts and opportunities that might otherwise be difficult to find.

Historically, konfer successfully harvested publicly available data from 153 UK universities and includes profiles of academics and research publications.

konfer is expanding to include data supplied directly by universities to help improve representation of their expertise and capability.

Benefits of Direct Data Feeds (DDF)

  • Improve accuracy and representation of your university expertise

  • Support new and existing collaboration partners to find and connect with your academics and research centres

  • Use internally to connect academic teams to support interdisciplinary collaboration

  • Help engage more with business opportunities by matching university experts with collaboration calls

  • Aid internal understanding of the relevance of your university skill base

  • Support wider understanding of UK capabilities

  • Widen the pool of academic expertise for konfer users, eg policymakers and innovators

You can read how City, University of London were the first UK university to supply direct data. We have also developed a data plug-in for universities using the Pure Research Information Management System and are looking to develop further plug-ins.

Get in touch for more details including our data ingest guide.


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