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Data from Aberystwyth University feeds research and innovation opportunities

NEW data plug-in for universities using the PURE Current Research Information System (CRIS).

Aberystwyth University (AU) is the first UK university to use this simplified process of sharing up-to-date information for the innovation community on konfer.

Sitting on the west coast of mid-Wales, Aberystwyth University (AU) views research and innovation as the lifeblood of their institution. The University recognises collaboration as an essential element and guiding principle of their research strategy.

A central strategy to the UK vision of being a global hub for innovation by 2035 is to simplify access to potential innovation partners to increase collaboration with universities.

Working with the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), AU now feeds information on their academic expertise and research directly to konfer – the NCUB’s digital innovation brokerage platform, which gives easy access to their research and academics. 

Through konfer, both universities and business teams can find expertise and innovation opportunities that might otherwise be difficult to find. To date, konfer has successfully drawn on publicly available data and is now expanding to include data supplied directly by universities.  

konfer developed a data plug-in for universities using the Pure Current Research Information System (CRIS) and AU is the first UK university to use this simplified process of sharing real-time up-to-date information for the innovation community, at home and abroad.  

By directly feeding their data into konfer, the University has improved their representation by more than doubling the number of academic profiles and increasing their research publications by over a third.  

Dr Joe Marshall, Chief Executive of NCUB said “UK universities have a vital role to play in research and development. Making experts and research at Aberystwyth University more discoverable will make a difference when it comes to finding collaboration partners that are so important to driving economic growth and finding solutions to society’s great challenges through research and innovation.”

Helen Jones, Director of Research, Business and Innovation, AU said “we see konfer’s new data plug-in as a small development with big potential, giving greater visibility of Aberystwyth University's research and expertise to potential industrial partners."

The NCUB konfer team is working with our university members to develop plug-ins for other CRIS to improve both volume and quality of data on konfer.  

If you would like to discuss how your university can improve representation of your expertise, please get in touch.   

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